Non-Fault Accident Management

Being involved in any sort of accident can be hard to take, but it’s particularly hard to stomach when it’s not your fault. Our non-fault accident management will help make things easier and make sure that your insurance company is not going to take you for a ride.

There are lots of reasons why non-fault accident management services are vitally important when you have been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, many of these come back to the fact that your insurance company simply will not see you as a high priority.

At Simple Legal Solutions, we go the extra mile to ensure you are back on the road as quick as possible, with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. We care about our customers, their experience and in reducing the amount of stress and hardship they encounter following an accident.

Why use Non-Fault Accident Management?

There are so many reasons that non-fault accident management is a much better option than going through your insurance company. Here are ten of those reasons:

1. Your claim will be dealt with quickly and with a much higher priority

Let’s be honest, you pay a lot of money for your car insurance, enough to make you think that they will take care of you should you be involved in an accident. So why use non-fault accident management services?

Well, sadly, your insurance company are unlikely to be the best ones to deal with your scenario. You are likely to be well down their list of priorities, especially when the accident was not your fault.

Think of it logically; the time they spend dealing with your case eats into the money you paid for your premium, therefore, the service they provide will probably be slow and can just heap even more stress and frustration on you.

With us, things will be done much quicker. Our dedicated team has experience in dealing with non-fault accident management, and they know exactly what you’re going through and how difficult this is.

As a result, your claim will be settled much quicker than it would be by going through your own insurance company.

2. Maintain your no-claims history

The moment you pick up the phone to your insurance company and ask them to act on your behalf, your no-claims history is…well, history. By using an accident management company, you will maintain your no-claims.

3. We provide a courtesy car of equal standard, quickly

If your car is off the road following an accident, it can be a huge inconvenience and yet more hassle for you to deal with. We will quickly make arrangements for a courtesy car to be provided and will also make sure it’s of a similar standard to your own car. No more swapping that 4-door family saloon for a 2-door city run-around. You won’t downgrade a Range Rover for a Ford Ka. You chose your car for a reason and it’s only right that your courtesy car is as closely matched to that as possible.

4. Same day car-hire

That hire car can be available on the very same day that you request it, meaning there is minimal disruption to you.

5. We establish if there are additional losses to claim

If you need your vehicle for work, or the accident has led to a loss of earnings or business, we can establish whether you have grounds to claim that money back. And of course, we will help you to do so.

6. £0 excess to pay

To push the cost of your insurance premiums down, you have probably accepted a higher excess on your policy than you may have liked. Now you’ve been involved in an accident and need your vehicle repairing, you could be looking at paying a hefty upfront excess before any work is completed.

At Simple Legal Solutions, you will never have to pay an excess, even if you have one on your insurance policy.

7. Manufacturer-approved repairs to a trusted level

Any repairs carried out on your vehicle will be in-line with the manufacturer’s approved guidelines and parts. This can be especially important if your car is under warranty, or purely for peace of mind that your car will be repaired to the standard you expect.

Furthermore, all of our repairs are carried out to British kite mark standard, leaving you in doubt that a high-quality job has been performed.

8. Three-year guarantee on repairs

All of those repairs that we do will also carry a three-year guarantee. Yet more comfort for you knowing that if any problems persist in relation to repairs that were carried out, then we will put them right if they occur within three years.

9. Nationwide repairs

Wherever you are, we can repair your vehicle. We are not limited by geography and will not ask you to travel great distances to drop-off or collect your vehicle.

10. Vehicle collection from anywhere

Whether your vehicle is roadworthy and driveable from your home address or if it needs recovering from the scene of the accident, we will ensure it is securely collected and taken for repair.

A truly end-to-end service

Often when your insurance company deals with your claim and your vehicle has been written-off, you will be without a vehicle while you await a cheque payout. With Simple Legal Solutions, we will ensure you keep the hire car up until you receive your payment, meaning you are not left either without a vehicle or without a completed claim payout.